Terms of Service

Thank you for using the service provided by AICoin (www.aicoin.com) (hereinafter referred to as “service”). This Agreement is jointly concluded between user of the service (hereinafter referred to as “user”) and AICoin, please read the terms below carefully. If you do not agree to any content of the terms of service, please do not register or use the service. Once registered, you are deemed to recognize and accept all the terms of this Agreement. Thereafter, you shall not make any form of defense on the grounds of not reading the terms of the service. Once registered, a user account and corresponding password will be given to you, the user account and password shall be kept by yourself, you shall bear legal responsibility for all activities and events carried out under your user account.

Service Contents

(1) The specific service content will be provided by AICoin, such as cryptocurrency tickers, news and navigations etc., you must use the services provided by AICoin in compliance with the Terms of Service. AICoin does not guarantee that notification will always be sent to you at the beginning, changing or end of the service in advance.

(2) If the service content involves online trade services that charge extra fees, explicit instructions will be given to you before using, only when the willingness to pay related fees is confirmed by you according to the instructions, can you use the online transaction service.

Changing,Adding or Deletion of Terms

AICoin reserves the final right to change, add or delete some of the terms at any time. Once changed, AICoin shall notify the change of terms through your account a month ahead, an announcement will be issued on the homepage of AICoin website when necessary. If you continue to use the service after the release of the terms, you will be deemed to accept the changes of terms and agree that these terms must be followed when using services henceforth.

Changing, Interruption or Termination of Service

Considering the particularity of internet service, you agree that AICoin reserves the right to change, interrupt or terminate part or all of the internet services (including online trade service) at any time. When internet service is changed, interrupted or terminated, AICoin shall neither have the need to notify you of the change, nor bear any responsibility for any user or any third party.

User Account

To ensure the security of your account information, you shall agree to following terms:
(1) You have the responsibility to keep your account information and password safe, and shall be responsible for any activities, including online trade, under your user account.
(2) When a non-authorized login occurs, or any login violating service terms, AICoin must be notified immediately.
(3) Any loss of AICoin or other users caused by others using your account and password, the full responsibility shall be undertaken by you.
(4) Under any circumstances, you shall not use any other accounts to log in except your own user account. Otherwise, AICoin reserves the right to freeze and investigate such accounts.
(5) You agree to provide accurate, up-to-date and complete personal information to AICoin as required by the system during registration, and guarantee that such information is the latest.


When creating account to use AICoin service, you will be required to provide personal information, which will be kept secret. Without your permission, AICoin guarantees that we will not disclose publicly or provide your registration information and the private content stored on AICoin servers when using our network service to any third party, except for the following cases: When AICoin must comply with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, including when relevant state authorities query, we’ll provide users’ registration information, stored data and operation records on AICoin as required.


(1) You clearly agree that you will undertake all the risks and consequences by using the service entirely by yourself, AICoin shall assume no responsibility for you.
(2) For any information provided by AICoin (including but is not limited to those which are published officially, acquired externally or published by those invited by AICoin), AICoin does not guarantee that it is completely real-time or completely accurate, nor does it indicate that AICoin confirms its description or agrees with it. All the content is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice or other opinions for practical operation, you will bear all the responsibilities for the consequences caused by operating accordingly.
(3) AICoin does not guarantee that the service can definitely meet your requirements, nor the timeliness, security and accuracy of service and will it not be interrupted. For network service interruption, data loss, data corruption or other defects caused by various reasons, AICoin assumes no responsibility.
(4) You clearly agree that the risk of using AICoin will be undertaken by yourself. For all registration information, names, identities, phone numbers and other behaviors, AICoin refuses to provide any guarantee.
(5) You agree that for accidental leakage of user data caused by hacker attacks, floods, storms, droughts, earthquakes, war, blockade, government ban or other force majeure, AICoin bears no responsibility.

Copyright Notice

Contents published on AICoin including but are not limited to: text reports, pictures, audios, videos, charts, logos, symbols, advertisements, trademarks, trade names, domain names, softwares, programs, layout, and any or all information provided for registered users, are owned by AICoin or can be legitimately use. Any media, websites or individuals must not reprint, edit or use other ways to make use of the contents mentioned above without written authorization or consent from relevant obligees. For those with authorization or consent, contents shall be used within the scope of authorization or consent and www.aicoin.com shall be indicated as the source.

Responsibilities and Obligations

(1) You must guarantee that you are the legitimate owner of your account, the use of AICoin services by you must comply with all local laws, national laws and international laws applicable to service.
(2) For failures, crashes, delays or disturbances caused by network connections, or the web site is unavailable for any reason or at any time or period, AICoin shall not be liable. The content from the third-party websites linked to AICoin is for reference only, we have no control over these websites and resources, and we shall not be responsible for them. Any loss or damage caused by your personal use of such information, AICoin shall not be liable for it.
(3) For fraudulent activities, AICoin will report to relevant governmental authorities, and provide them with all the necessary information needed, including names, addresses and other information as required. You shall be aware that the accounts may be frozen at any time when AICoin is required to assist relevant governmental departments to investigate any fraudulent or illegal activities.
(4) You shall comply with all the provisions and terms of AICoin and shall not interfere with the service in any way.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement applies to the laws of the England and Wales and excludes the application of laws and regulations that conflict. If there were any disputes, the user and AICoin agree to submit the disputes to the jurisdiction of the people’s court where AICoin is located.

Right of Interpretation

In the maximum extent permitted by law, AICoin reserves the final right to interpret the terms of service.


When encountering the force majeure events under the definition of applicable laws, the responsibility of the affected party will be suspended, and shall wait for solutions. If the judicial authorities think that any provision of the clause cannot be executed compulsively, this provision shall be implemented within the maximum allowable range, and the remaining provisions will still be in effect.

Notification and Contact

You know and agree that all kinds of notifications from AICoin will be carried out through webpage announcement, system notification, notifications from official accounts (public or private), e-mail or regular mail, when the notifications are issued, they are deemed to have been delivered to the recipients. For any notifications by AICoin, you can contact us by sending email to support@aicoin.com.